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Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne reads Stanley at the 2015 Toronto Word on the Street
Books illustrated by Bill Slavin

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Traditional, The Cat Came Back (Kids Can Press, 1992) 1-55074-183-7 pb Out of print
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 Out of print
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Erika Fyvie, The Waste Cycle, (Kids Can Press Fall 2017) 978-1-77138-078-2 hc
Linda Bailey, Hot on the Trail in Ancient Egypt (Kids Can Press 2018) 978-1-77138-985-3 pb
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Linda Bailey, On the Run In Ancient China (Kids Can Press 2019) 978-1-5253-0112-4 pb 978-1-5253-0152-0 hc

Contributing artist to; Mother Goose, A Canadian Sampler (Groundwood, 1994)
Contributing artist to; The Spirit of Canada (Anthology) (Malcolm Lester, 1999)

Works in Progress
Mordecai Crow - A graphic novel

Books adapted to computer
Bob King, Sitting on the Farm (Sanctuary Woods, 1993)
Traditional, The Cat Came Back (Sanctuary Woods, 1994)

B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell reads Stanley

2012 Chocolate Lily Award (B.C.) for Stanley’s Little Sister
2011-12 Patricia Gallagher Picture Book Award (Oregon) for Stanley's Party
2009-10 Patricia Gallagher Picture Book Award (Oregon) for Stanley's Wild Ride
2008-09 California Young Reader Medal for Stanley’s Wild Ride
2008 Red Cedar Award 2008 for Transformed
2007 Honour Book, TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award for Stanley’s Wild Ride
2007 Time to Read: The B.C. Achievement Foundation Award for Early Literacy for Stanley’s Party
2006 Canadian Children’s Roundtable Non -fiction Award for Transformed
2006 Norma Fleck Award for Transformed
2008 Chocolate Lily Award (B.C.) for Stanley’s Wild Ride
2007 Canadian Toy Testing Council "Great Books" Winner for Transformed
2006 Book of the Year, (Picture Book) Foreword Magazine’s Book Awards for Stanley’s Wild Ride
2006 Chocolate Lily Award (B.C.) for Drumheller Dinosaur Dance
2005 ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Award (Juvenile Non-fiction) Bronze Medal for Transformed
2005 Hackmatack Award for Adventures in The Ice Age (author award)
2006 SMART Book Award (Oregon) for Stanley’s Party
2005 National Parenting Publications Gold Award for Transformed
2005 Chocolate Lily Award (B.C.) for Stanley’s Party
2005 Georgia Children’s Book Award for Stanley’s Party
2005 Blue Spruce Award (Ontario) for Drumheller Dinosaaur Dance
2005 Shining Willow (Saskatchewan) for Stanley's Party
2004 Blue Spruce Award (Ontario) for Stanley’s Party
2004 CLA Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator’s Award for Stanley's Party
2004 B.C. Book Awards Christie Harris Illustrated Children's Literature Prize for Stanley's Party
2005 Zena Sutherland Award for Stanley's Party
Book Illustration of the Year, 2000 Alberta Book Awards for The Bone Talker
Book of the Year, 2001 Foreword Magazine’s Book Awards for The Bone Talker
Silver Birch Award 2001, for Adventures in the Middle Ages (author award)
Red Cedar Award 2003, for Adventures in the Middle Ages
Hackmatack Award 2003, for Adventures with The Vikings
Honour title, 1997 Storytelling World Awards for The Stone Lion
Silver Birch Award Finalist 2003, for Adventures with The Vikings
Silver Birch Award Finalist 2004, for Adventures in Ancient China
1997 Storytelling World Honour Title for The Stone Lion

Nominations and Selections

2019 Green Earth Book Award (Children's Non-fiction) for Trash Revolution
2019 Red Maple Nomination for Trash Revolution
2019 AAAS/Subaru Science Book Prize Nomination for Trash Revolution
2018 Eureka Honor Book (California Reading Assoc.) for Trash Revolution
2017 Shining Willow Award Nomination (Saskatchewan) for Who Broke the Teapot?!
2016 Blue Spruce Award Nomination for Stanley at School (Honour Book and Sault Ste. Marie Regional Winner)
2015 Cleaver Canadian Picture Book Award Short List for Stanley at School
2014 Rocky Mountain Book Awards Nomination for Pandemic Survival: It's Why We're Alive 
2014 Canadian Science Writers'Association Book Award Shortlist for Pandemic Survival: It's Why We're Alive 
2012 Comics for Kids Award (Dragon Award) Nomination Big City Otto
2012 Blue Spruce Nomination for Stanley's Little Sister
2012 Silver Birch Express Nomination for All Aboard!
2011 Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award Nomination for Stanley's Little Sister
2011 Silver Birch Award Nomination for Talking Tails
2011 Silver Birch Express Award Nomination for It’s A Snap
2010 Children’s Choice Book Awards Finalist (US), for Gonzalo Grabs the Good Life
2010 Saskatchewan Willow Award Nomination for Stanley’s Beauty Contest
2010 Chocolate Lily Award Nomination (B.C.) for Stanley’s Beauty Contest
2010 Blue Spruce Award Nomination for Stanley’s Beauty Contest
2009 Blue Spruce Award Nomination for Stanley at Sea
2007 Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Book Award Nomination for The Farm Team
2007 Blue Spruce Award Nomination for Stanley’s Wild Ride
2006 Orbis Pictus Award Nomination for The Library Book
2006 Rocky Mountain Book Award (Alberta) Nomination for Transformed
2006 IBBY (Juvenile Non-fiction) Nomination for Transformed
2006 Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon AwardNomination for Bigbeard’s Hook

2006 Shining Willow Award (Saskatchewan) Nomination for Bigbeard’s Hook
2006 Hackmatack Award (Atlantic Provinces) Nomination for Transformed
2006-2007 California Young Reader Medal Nomination  for Stanley’s Party
2005-2006 Black Eyed Susan Book Award (Maryland Educational Media Organization) Nomination  for Something to Tell the Grandcows 
2007 Arizona Young Reader Award Nomination for Something to Tell the Grandcows
2005 Blue Spruce Award Nomination (Ontario) for Bigbeard’s Hook

2005 International Reading Association’s Children’s Choice selection for Drumheller Dinosaur Dance

2005 International Reading Association’s Children’s Choice selection for Something to Tell the Grandcows

2005 Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Book AwardNomination for Drumheller Dinosaur Dance

2005 Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon AwardNomination for Drumheller Dinosaur Dance

2006 Shining Willow Award (Saskatcheewan) Nomination for Drumheller Dinosaur Dance

Red Cedar Award 2004 Nomination, for Adventures with The Vikings
2004 Hackmatack Award Nomination 2004, for Adventures with The Ancient Greeks (author award)
2004 B.C. Book Awards Christie Harris Illustrated Children's Literature Prize Nomination for Adventures in Ancient China
2003 Information Book Award Nomination for Adventures with The Ancient Greeks
2003 Information Book Award Nomination for The Big Book of Canada: Exploring the Provinces and Territories
2003 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Our Choice, Starred Selection for The Big Book of Canada: Exploring the Provinces and Territories
Saskatchewan Book of the Year Award Nomination for The Bone Talker
Saskatchewan Book Award for Children’s Literature Nomination for The Bone Talker
Canadian Children’s Book Centre Our Choice, Starred Selection for The Bone Talker
Alberta Trade Title of the Year Nomination for The Bone Talker
Alberta Children’s Title of the Year Nomination for The Bone Talker
Canadian Library Association Children’s Book of the Year Award Nomination for The Bone Talker
Red Cedar Award Nomination, for The Planets
Silver Birch Award Nomination, for The Stars
Red Cedar Award Nomination, for Get Started; Stamp Collecting
Hackmatack Award Nomination, for Get Started; Stamp Collecting
Silver Birch Award Nomination, for Canada’s Maple Leaf
Red Cedar Award Nomination, for Canada’s Maple Leaf
Hackmatack Award Nomination, for Canada’s Maple Leaf

Nominated for Illustrator of the Year, 2000 Libris Awards, Canadian Booksellers’ Assoc.

Nominated for Illustrator of the Year, 2007 Libris Awards, Canadian Booksellers’ Assoc.


Illustration and the Art of Book Making, Two person show, Millbrook Gallery, June 1996.
Canadian Artists with Connections to Portugal, Group exhibition, Portugese Consulate, April 1998.
Flying Over the Electric Storm, Solo exhibition, The Millbrook Gallery, October 2001
The Good Times Travel Agency and Other Stories, Rendez-vous International de la BD de Gatineau, Museum of Civilization, 2007


I was born February 12, 1959 in Belleville, Ontario. I was the second youngest in a family of eight, four boys and four girls. As most of my elder brothers and sisters had achieved some sort of academic success, I was allowed to become an artist.

I have been drawing since I can remember, and have wanted to illustrate books for just about as long. My first commercial success was an anti-smoking in bed poster I did in grade three, which won first prize and paid me $25. Grade three was an important year, because it was also when I produced my first illustrated book, called Zok the Caveman. This was such a success that I promptly followed it up with a sequel, The Adventures of Black Cloud, Son of Zok. I continued to write and illustrate books throughout public school as well as draw profusely. I graduated to pen and ink at a fairly early age, a medium which is still my favourite (fortunately, my mother was a tolerant person and did not object too much to the many bottles of ink which I spilt on the living room carpet). In high school I became interested in comic book art, and wrote and illustrated countless numbers of these, as well as producing a short-lived comic strip called Rat Fink for our local village weekly.

After high school I attended Sheridan College in Oakville where I studied Cartooning and Graphic Story Illustration. A year and a half later events flushed me out into the real world and I went to work for the Yellow Pages, a job undemanding enough to let me churn out countless more unsolicited and unpublished comics, stories and illustrations in between jobs.

I have worked in and around the publishing industry since 1979, working for many years as art director/illustrator/layout artist  for a small publishing house in the Ottawa Valley. After moving back to Toronto, I became involved with doing illustrations for educational computer software programs, while continuing to try to get a job doing what I have really always wanted to do, illustrate kids’ books. I eventually contracted with Kids Can Press to illustrate Paulette Bourgeois’ book, Too Many Chickens! Since then I have illustrated a number of children’s books, and that is now my primary source of income. It is work which I love, and I consider myself a most fortunate person to be working in this industry.

Today I am living in paradise in an old farmhouse on the edge of the village of Millbrook. I live with my wife, Esperança Melo, who is also an artist and is an integral part of all I do, and our cat Merlin. We have formed a company called Kinder Box and from 1995 to 2002 were both members of the Millbrook Gallery, a gallery collective of nineteen local artists.

I primarily work in acrylics, or water colour and inks. I tend to work quickly and impetuously at my art, but am learning to slow down and smell the resins.

In regards to my fiction work, until recently I have had very little contact with the authors whose books I am illustrating, and feel that in most cases this allows the written and visual narrative to reach its full potential. Generally the author is quite willing to give the illustrator free reign; needless to say, a great act of trust on the part of the writer. More recently, I have been working in closer collaboration with the author on some projects right from the outset, and am finding this sort of collaboration an exciting and interesting development in my work.

In 1996 I wrote my own story, The Stone Lion, which was published by Red Deer College Press, and in 2005 co-wrote and illustrated Transformed: How Everyday Things are Made. More recently I have again put my hand to writing, returning to an earlier love for comics and producing my graphic novel trilogy for kids, Elephants Never Forget. And in 2016 Tundra released my first picture book that I had both written and illustrated since 1996, Who Broke the Teapot?!

Although my first love is and always will be the story book, non-fiction illustration makes up a significant part of my work and poses its own challenges. My real lack of interest in things scientific seems to have made me uniquely qualified to illustrate this genre. I believe it is the desire to make my work interesting to me that defines how I embrace these subjects, and the result is an approach to the illustrations that is not overly ponderous or didactic. Having said this, I have a real love for history, and am thrilled by books or the parts thereof that have an historical slant. And coming full circle, I believe my love for the narrative found in picture book illustration is reflected in my non-fiction illustration.