School Visits Information

Illustration as Story-telling

My school presentations revolve around a discussion of illustration as a form of story-telling, with the intention of inspiring them to go ahead and create their own stories. I share my early work with the kids, including my very first book I did back in Grade 3, Zok the Caveman (possibly the most important thing I show them, as it gives context!) I also discuss the process I go through to create a picture book, from manuscript through thumbnails and pencil drawings to finished art and usually include a reading from one of my books in conjunction with showing the original art. My presentation ends with me doing a character sketch for the kids, along with a discussion of some basic drawing principals.

Each presentation lasts for about an hour, with slight change ups in the above description depending upon the age of the audience. My preferred audience is Grades 2 - 6 and audience size can be up to 125 children. During the presentation I show original book art and sketches and reinforce what I'm showing with projections of the art (if the AV equipment is available), leaving room for lots of Q & A. 

My aim in the presentation is to demystify kids' relationship with art and make it real, tangible and immediate so they an go forward and have the confidence to create their own stories.

Audience Size
 125 maximum (it's best if the kids are seated on the floor or on mats)
Preferred Grades Grades 2-6
AV Requirements
 A laptop linked to a projector. If available I will bring my presentation as a Powerpoint document on a key.
Other Requirements A table to organize my work on and a glass of water to wet me whistle


If you would like to book me for a school visit, please contact me at to arrange a date and details.

Signed Books

A signed book can be a chance for kids to make a lasting connection with a visiting author. If any of the kids would like to order a book before the visit, I can put you in touch with my local book distributor who would be pleased to provide order forms and make arrangements to have books shipped to your school prior to the presentation.